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      Features TailMaker and FingerMaker:

  • Direct G-Code generation from specified joint dimensions. No CAD model or drawing required.
  • Only one bit needed: 30-degree engraving v-bit. for TailMaker and a straight ballnose bit for FingerMaker
  • No bit change, one machining process.
  • Any desirable board thickness is possible from <1/8" to >2" (depending on the machine)
  • Both sides of the joint may have different thickness.
  • No bit radius related gaps, dogbone fillets or crevices. The joint is void free.
  • Variable pin/tail or finger distance and width as well as dovetail/finger-free joint ends.
  • Board length is not limited by table height.

​      Features MazeMaker:

  • Flexible calculation of random maze patterns for varying material sizes
  • Rectangular or custom shaped outline (with bit map load feature)
  • Direct G-Code and DXF file generation. No drawing or CAM software required.

​      Features Guillochograph:

  • Flat or rotary engraving of guilloche patterns (like rose engine ornamental turning)
  • Flexible choice of loops and traces
  • Circular, rectangular and linear patterns
  • Direct G-Code or .dxf vector output as well as .bmp bitmap output

The software on this web site has grown out of various hobby projects for the CNC machine of the author. It is now offered for sale, but keep in mind this is no professional software company with dedicated staff. I will try to respond to any requests as fast as possible (that is, as my day job and other responsibilities allow for). Please give me a few days to respond to questions or send out the license file after purchase.



Joints and More!

TailMaker , FingerMaker, MazeMaker and Guillochograph are CAM software products for easy machining of specialty jobs on CNC routers.