Clamping Jig

The file is slightly different from the picture: smaller 5/16" tightening bolts and no serrated edges

FOR BoxES or Miter frameS (Free Download)

  • Please use or modify the design at your discretion but do not distribute copies without referencing this source.

  • This is a free download of a Vectric V-Carve file to cut the parts from 0.74" thick plywood. If different thickness material is used, some mortise and slot dimensions must be changed (see annotation in the V-Carve file).

  • The parts are nested to fit a 24" (x) by 18" (y) sheet. All cuts to be made with an 1/8" end mill. Make sure the straight section is at least 0.8" long. If the tool path is changed to a bigger bit, the nesting must be re-arranged. There are tabs to prevent small parts from flying but check if they fit your needs.

  • Other than the plywood parts you will need:
    two 1/2" bolts, rods or dowels to connect the main parts
    - four 5/16" x 5" long (M8 x 120mm) carriage bolts
    - four nuts and flat washer
    - six 1/4" dowels for the corner alignment
    - optionally four fender washers 5/16", 1.25" diameter and four springs to prevent the pressing claws from sliding around

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