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  • This software runs on Windows PC only. It is tested with WinXP, Win7 and Win10. Most likely it will also run on Win2000, Vista and Win8. Please use the Demo version to try out compatibility.
  • The machine control code generated is standard G-Code that should be compatible with most machines
  • All G-Code is to be executed with a 30-degree engraving or V-bit. The recommended bit is Kyocera 30 degree 1/4" shaft 2-flute carbide bit 2002-2500.030A1. This can be purchased e.g. from seller Drillman1 on eBay for very reasonable price. Other 30-degree bits can be used as well. The Amana In-Groove system with 30-degree blade is less than ideal due to the bulky holder body. It should however be usable for thin boards less than 1/2".
  • The boards to be joined MUST be clamped to the CNC machine table at an angle of 15 degrees. This can be accomplished with a simple clamping jig (see pictures on the right hand side). The software download contains drawings
    and a CAM file (VCarvePro) to build such a jig.
  • The board edge should be parallel
    to the table as good as possible.