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A.K.A. Wheel barrow (Free Download)

  • Warning: This is not a beginner project and don't expect to translate everything one-to-one to your machine and materials. You WILL have to adapt a few dimensions or feed rates or change the design altogether to fit your needs.

  • Please use or modify the design at your discretion but do not distribute copies without referencing this source.

  • This is a free download of  various Vectric V-Carve and .dwg drawing files to cut the parts from 0.75" thick solid wood. I used pine (for cost reasons) with good results. If different thickness material is used, some mortise and slot dimensions must be changed.

  • For the longer parts of the side boards that exceeded my machine size I created shifted tool paths (not using the Vectric tile option). I understand that it is not self-explanatory what I did here so be especially careful or better start over with the DWG files.

  • The wheel rims have 2 pockets on the perimeter to machine the tire bead seat and a center groove. If you just want a solid wheel rim (e.g. to use with an iron tire) remove these pockets.

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