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  • Circular, rectangular or linear Guilloche pattern to emulate Rose Engine lathe work or other ornamental turning patterns

  • Flat (X/Y/Z coordinates) or rotary engraving on indexer (X/Z/A or Y/Z/B coordinates)

  • Variable number of loops, traces, line resolution and pattern repetitions

  • Variable loop amplitudes and angle offset

  • Selectable line width/depth changes

  • .dxf vector output or .bmp bitmap for import to CAM software (like Vectric Aspire or VCarvePro)

  • Direct G-code generation for v-bit machining

  • Variable diameter definition for non-cylidrical rotary/indexer work (e.g. cones, wine glasses, pool cues, baseball bats, etc.)



  • This software runs on Windows PC only and was tested with Win10. It will most likely run on Windows7 and XP as well. 

  • All G-Code is to be executed with a v-bit between 30 degrees and 120 degrees included angle. Alternatively, a diamond drag bit can be used for intricate patterns with constant narrow line width. 

  • The surface of the blank to be machined must be absolutely parallel to the table, ideally milled flat before cutting the pattern.

  • Similarly, blanks on an indexer for rotary engraving should be dead centered or ideally milled round. Any runout will negatively affect the v-bit engraving (spring loaded diamond drag bits are less susceptible to runout or non-flat surfaces).