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Requirements and Key Features

  • This software runs on Windows PC only. It is tested with Win7 and Win10. Most likely it will also run on Win2000, XP, Vista and Win8. It is stand-alone and no other CAD or CAM software is required.

  • The machine control code generated is standard G-Code that should be compatible with most machines.

  • Optional DXF vector output is provided for compatibility if further processing in CAM software is desired

  • Software allows for machining of one sided or two-sided mazes (or cylindrical mazes if you have an indexer).

  • The maze ball channels can be undercut with a ball end plunge bit to keep the ball captive without cover.

  • Bitmap images can be loaded and converted to maze outlines and patterns

Please try the demo version first to assess compatibility with your PC, the capability of your machine and if it fits your needs before you purchase the license!